The Third Floor by C. Dennis Moore

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The Third Floor - C. Dennis Moore


2.5* rounded up to 3.

I read this novel with my Shelfari horror group. We were disappointed.

It's pretty obvious this is a haunted house story. As such, it could be hard to impress my group because we are all seasoned horror fans and have lots of experience with haunted house books. This book just did not measure up.

A couple moves into a new home. A haunting ensues. Apparitions of young children, both a boy and a girl appear. There are feelings of being touched. There are screams and laughter heard. There are knockings and bangings heard. So far, so good-right? No. I've left out the things that seemed to have NO bearing on the story whatsoever, and there were quite a few of those. For instance-there is a naked old lady in a nearby house that makes a couple of appearances, why?
We are told all kinds of things about Jack's job and how one of his buyers always calls at the last minute. Why? Who cares? It had nothing to do with the haunting at all.

The husband, Jack, hears some stories about the house and the town where it's located, Angel Hill. Even though he insists it's all hooey, he goes out and buys a book about the town and its hauntings. He promptly hides it under the mattress where his hysterical wife won't find it and start freaking out. Why? Then he doesn't even read it!

I guess you can tell by this point that I wasn't impressed by this book. I will say that I enjoyed what the haunting actually turned out to be. I thought that part showed the author had a good idea...but I think he needs to learn how to trim out the extraneous stuff and hone in on the story.

I would have loved to learn more about the town of Angel Hill and why bad things kept happening there. I would have loved if Jack had opened that book and learned more about Angel Hill's history. That would have interested me much more than the details about Jack's job.

All in all, this was just barely an OK story. I can't really recommend it.