The Mirror of the Nameless by Luke Walker

Mirror of the Nameless - Luke Walker

4.5 stars!

This novella was a crazy trip and I like crazy trips.

Setting: Earth.
Subject: New Gods roaming said earth.
Very Brief & Simplified Plot Summary: New Gods killing thousands of people at a shot, all the time, all over the world and what can be done about it?
Escape: None?

That sums up the story, as I don't like to go into the plot too much in my reviews. This was a crazy mix of Lovecraftian horror, mystery, family, love, death, zombies, worms, and fear. Most importantly fear. When fear is used to govern, the results can be unpredictable.

This was a compelling read. Mr. Walker paints a clear picture of life in this new world, and let me tell you, this new world is UGLY. The human characters are realistic and interesting, but I think the real stars of this show are the setting and the Gods. As the reader acclimates him or herself to this new world order, they cannot help but feel repulsed while at the same time excited to see what happens next.

This story showed a lot of imagination and creativity on the author's part and I loved it. The only reason this wasn't a five star read for me is the fact that I would have liked to have known more about how the Gods initially took over. Other than that very small detail, I highly recommend this novella to fans of horror and dark fiction. Clear some space on your calender though, because chances are good that you will want to finish this story in one sitting.