Lurker by Gary Fry

Lurker - Gary Fry


This was a strange, bleak story. 

A couple moves to the shore, after suffering through a terrible tragedy. They are trying to start anew and where better to do that than by the sea?

Meg's husband regularly leaves her to her own devices while he works hard to support the household. Something he never lets her forget. Meg decides to spend this time exploring her new surroundings, which happen to include some old mines.

As Meg begins poking around her new neighborhood, things start to happen. Strange noises, strange feelings, strange visions coming out of nowhere. Not to mention the strange handprints all over the back of the house near her bedroom window. 

Were these things actually happening or were they signs of the already deteriorating mental state of Meg? You will have to read this and see for yourself.

Overall, this was an atmospheric read with a gothic, Lovecraftian feel to it. I enjoyed it and I think you would too. Recommended!