A Stranger's Grave by Craig Saunders

A Stranger's Grave - Craig  Saunders


 I picked up this book from Grand Mal Press back in February when it was offered for free at Smashwords. Thanks, Grand Mal!

This is the story of an ex-convict starting up his new life as the caretaker of a cemetery. He meets a few people in the course of his new job. Some of them are not alive. 

At it's heart, this is a ghost story. It takes a little while to figure that out, though. I did like the way in which the story was presented, with a few exceptions. There were chapters interspersed with the main narrative which would start off like "There's a gatekeeper in a cemetery in a small Norfolk market town." Now, I don't mind intervening chapters when doing a back and forth format say from present time to some time in the past. The format as presented in this book though, served no purpose to me,other than to vaguely foreshadow a few events to come. Secondly, there was some repetition going on that got on my nerves a little bit. (I know the guy has two degrees, I know! Enough already!)

Overall, I did like the premise of the book and I liked how the story played out. It's just that I could have done without some of that repetition and the few extraneous asides -(guy in a small market town) pages. I deducted two stars for those reasons and give this a solid three star rating. I would try more from this author in the future.