Harvest Moon by James A. Moore

Harvest Moon - James A. Moore


Horrors abound in Beldam Woods!


The local librarian has now retired but loves to come to the library just prior to Halloween to tell his local tale of Hattie the witch and her sons. It seems that in the past, the town had had enough of Hattie and her brood. Angry town-folk burned her house down and then they drew and quartered her. That should be enough to bring an end to Hattie, right? Unfortunately for the town, it was not. Now, 100 years later,  Hattie is still pissed off about it. With the help of her 3 sons (who do not look their age), Hattie plans on returning to Beldam Woods and exacting her revenge.


I enjoyed this "witch seeks revenge in a small town"  book. This type of story has been around for a while now, but Moore makes this tale his own. I loved the character of Hattie (whose name is not  Hattie), and her sons were unforgettable. They were clearly drawn with their own personalities and gifts. And those gifts were....something else.


Now on to what I did not like...and that was the fact that there was no real protagonist. We skipped around with a few different characters, and other than a few teenage boys with crushes on (or lusting after) teenage girls, there really was no clear good guy (or girl). I usually enjoy stories like that (and I did enjoy this one!), but reflecting on the tale, I would have preferred at least one clear protagonist for whom I could root.


Despite that, I had a good time with this book. It had some great bad guys and the ending was just awesome. I would recommend it for any fans of the traditional "evil in a small town" tale, and also for lovers of stories that take place at Halloween.