Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker

Nightmare Man - Alan Ryker


Night terrors. I didn't know much about them until I read this book. Apparently, they can be hereditary and/or influenced by stress. They can also be flat out horrific. But what happens when your night terrors spread out to other people? Has your dream become real or has it been transferred like some kind of deadly disease? You will need to read this fine horror novella to find out.

I have been a fan of Alan Ryker for a couple of years now, and he hasn't disappointed me yet. In this story,(and every Ryker story, really), you feel for the characters and what they're going through. In this novella, the main character has what has to be one of the worst jobs to ever exist, and Mr. Ryker made me FEEL the distress this character was experiencing. Like this character, I had to do some deep breathing to calm myself down!

Overall, this was an excellent read. The pacing was good and the tension ran high. If you have a spare hour or two and this story sounds good to you, I highly recommend it!