The Separation by Ronald Malfi

The Separation - Ronald Malfi


What a bizarre novella this was!


Marcus, a psychotherapist, gets a call from a friend of an old friend, asking for help. It seems that their mutual acquaintance, Charlie Provonella, has recently been divorced from his wife but refuses to leave the family home. Since the home now belongs solely to his ex-wife, he needs to move out. Marcus is called in to help convince Charlie to leave.

Once Marcus arrives at Charlie's he begins to realize that this task is going to take longer than he originally thought, because Charlie has other issues going on. 


I will leave the plot description there. This is a short novella, but even so, Mr. Malfi creates characters that are complicated and he causes you to care for them. I loved the ending of this story and I know I must have sat there for a moment  with my jaw hanging open, just savoring the last few sentences. This was another enjoyable Ron Malfi novella (he has a lot of them, check out Skullbelly or After the Fade, a couple of my favorites!), and it warmed me up for my Shelfari group's read of The Narrows this week. Recommended!