Interview With James Everington at Ravenous Reads!

The Other Room: Weird Fiction - James Everington Falling Over - James Everington Penny Dreadnought: Omnibus! Volume 1 - Alan Ryker, Aaron Polson, James Everington, Iain Rowan The Shelter - James Everington Penny Dreadnought: Descartes' Demon - Aaron Polson, Alan Ryker, Iain Rowan, James Everington


I love the work of James Everington. Anyone who "knows" me online knows this, because I hardly ever shut up about him. Now you can "meet" James and hear him talk about his work in this interview. You can also enter to win one of three Kindle copies of Falling Over!  Big thanks go out to Nikki at Ravenous Reads for allowing me the chance to talk with James about his weird short stories! You can find the interview here: