Jack & Jill by Kealan Patrick Burke

Jack & Jill - Kealan Patrick Burke


So, yeah...this book ROCKED.


Start with a marriage on the rocks. Add in the horrible long term effects of child abuse. Sprinkle in some hallucinations and what have you got? Jack & Jill.


I've been a fan of Kealan Patrick Burke for a while now, and this novella only reinforces my belief that he is one of the finest horror and dark fiction authors working today.


He nails the marital problems emotionally. Any couple that has been together a long time will immediately recognize these domestic arguments as real and true.


The turn this story took was gripping, horrifying, gut-wrenching, and somehow, extremely satisfying. My satisfaction was, however, tempered by the sadness that child abuse can cause, not only for the victim, but for their future families as well.


My highest recommendation!