Broken Sigil by William Meikle

Broken Sigil - William Meikle


The Darkfuse Kindle Club has once again introduced us to a fantastic story by the wonderfully imaginative William Meikle. If you aren't familiar with his previous Darkfuse works check out my (spoiler free) reviews here: Clockwork Dolls and/or The Hole. 


This tale begins with internal affairs cop Joe Connors investigating a police shootout in which is former partner was shot. That's all I will say about the plot, because it's so unique you should discover it on your own. 


I will say that this cop is no pansy. As an internal affairs officer he is not particularly liked by the other cops, (think Serpico),  and he pretty much doesn't care. He drinks and smokes so much I thought I saw smoke rising from my Kindle. I was so completely sucked into his story and the story of his ex-partner that I came back from lunch late and got in trouble. (I'm just joking, but I would have been willing to get in trouble just so I could finish this story.)


To sum it up, this story is wildly creative while at the same time very sad. We all lose people in this life and there are times when we would do almost anything to see these people again. Up to and including the carving of sigils. 


Highly recommended!