The Darkfuse Kindle Club


You may have noticed that I mention this club in a lot of my book reviews. Let me tell you about it. I won a year long subscription during one of Darkfuse's "Author Events". This is online chat with the author,(in my case the author was Lee Thompson), where readers can ask questions of the author and learn a little bit about them. At the end of the event I was told I won a subscription to the Kindle Club. What the hell is that is what I was thinking. But let me tell you, once I found out, I was hooked.


Here is how it works: you get one novel and two novellas per month delivered right to your inbox. That's three books per month delivered electronically to your door (inbox). How easy is that? 


To make that even more exciting, the authors associated with Darkfuse are some of the best that dark fiction has to offer today. Greg Gifune, Tim Curran, William Meikle, Brian Hodge, Sandy Deluca, Michael McBride, Lee Thompson, Jeff Mariotte, Jeffrey Thomas and Elizabeth Massie- just to name a few. They also feature new authors that I hadn't heard of before like C. S. Kane and Nicole Cushing.


On top of that, you also gain access to the Darkfuse Forum with your subscription. There you can interact with most of these authors on a regular basis, and guess what? They're all pretty cool! Not every author participates, but most of them do. I have to say it's pretty awesome if you have a question when reading a story you can just pop on the DF forum and ask it!


To top all that off, you also get free downloads for participating in the forum. These are generally short stories, but a few novels are available as well. You also have access to Darkfuse's site "Horrordoeuvres", which serves up nice little bite-sized portions of horror. (This service is available separately too.) 


To wrap things up here, I  re-upped my subscription once my free one expired and I plan to re-up again in March. As a HUGE fan of horror and dark fiction, it's one of the best things I've ever stumbled on to and I'm SO happy that I did! If only they had a subscription for some more free time, my world would be complete.


If you're interested, you can check it out (get $15.00 off and five free books) here: