What Hides Within by Jason Parent

What Hides Within - Jason  Parent


yellow sac spider



















Spiders!!! I don't like them! But by opening this book,  I asked for it, and I got exactly what I deserved. 


This is the story of Clive and his deliberate trip, by boat, through the biggest spider web he had ever seen. Why he would destroy such a thing of beauty, I don't know, but he sure did pay for it. Shortly after the web-destroying boat ride, Clive feels something blocking up his ear. Yeah... you know what that was, don't you?


I liked the character of Clive with all of his juvenile humor and sarcasm. I also liked the character of Reilly, a police detective investigating Clive and his roommate for murder. This was quite a feat, because Reilly had been desensitized to violence and its results and I didn't like her at all at first. 


The pacing of this story was excellent, however I did correctly predict the outcome and for that I did deduct one star. The ending was fantastic, and I wouldn't mind seeing more about the character featured in the last chapter of What Hides Within. 


Overall I enjoyed this debut effort from Mr. Parent and I look forward to reading whatever else he has to offer.