Ugly Beautiful by Sean-Paul Thomas

Ugly Beautiful - Sean-Paul Thomas


This book had potential.

The premise was good. A douchebag named Jason stole a boatload of money and screwed over his only friend Gary in the process. He took off and ran into a beautiful young woman....and then the real story began.

At that point I was already getting aggravated with the misspelled and misused words. I found it to be distracting and that's a shame, because the seeds of a cracking tale were there.

Towards the end Jason's world was crumbling and by that time the character had grown just enough that I cared what happened to him. I think even more could have been done with the character development if the story were a little longer. Again, the seeds were there.

Everything a good horror tale needs is here, but it needs to be refined and polished. Some good beta readers wouldn't hurt either. For having the seeds but not planting them properly, I rated this book 3 stars. Despite the errors, I would try another book by Mr. Thomas.