Children of No One by Nicole Cushing

Children of No One - Nicole Cushing



When this arrived in my email from the Darkfuse Kindle Club, I was excited because I loved the cover. Then I thought I would just crack it open and read the first few sentences. Yeah, right-an hour or so later, I was done!


This was a dark tale set in Nowhere, Indiana. A rich, twisted man (Mr. McPherson)is looking for something new in the world of art. Mr. Krieg is just the man to deliver it. He has been working for years on a new LIVE exhibit. Mr. Krieg's assistant is a nihilist named No One. Together he and Mr. Krieg will create this new exhibit with Mr. McPherson as the very excited audience of one. After all, there is no art without an audience, right?

Together all three men descend into the labyrinth, which is where I leave off from the plot description. You will have to read it to find out what this exhibit was and if it was successful. :)

I will say that this was a dark fiction story, with a science fiction slant. It was unique and extremely well written. The characters were so well defined that I had no problem picturing them in my mind. This is also a story about humanity, and what some of us could become. Is it possible that our desire to be entertained could eventually evolve into something dark and twisted? Or has it already ?

Read this novella and see what your conclusions are!

(Originally posted in March, 2013)