The Devil of Echo Lake by Douglas Wynne

The Devil of Echo Lake - Douglas Wynne


This book has a lot going for it. Ancient evil, witches, Pan, and good old Rock N Roll. How could you go wrong?

As a huge fan of rock music and the blues, I'm on board with the whole Robert Johnson "sold his soul" train. This book was an original twist on that story, with the modern day accoutrements of an evil record producer and a ogre of a music label.

For a while in the middle portion, the pacing slowed down a lot, (technical stuff in the recording studio), but then the story began to get more complicated and from there this tale came alive. That's also when that originality kicked in and delivered some spice and surprise.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I would recommend it for horror fans that don't mind a slow burning story, without much gore, and for fans of old school stories like The Great God Pan. If that person is you, I wager you will enjoy this novel! 

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