Author Spotlight-Tim Curran

Dead Sea - Tim Curran Skin Medicine - Tim Curran The Underdwelling - Tim Curran Puppet Graveyard - Tim Curran Worm - Tim Curran Sow - Tim Curran Long Black Coffin - Tim Curran Leviathan - Tim Curran Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran Fear Me - Tim Curran


Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite authors, Mr. Tim Curran!


My introduction to Tim was Puppet Graveyard. What a story! If you have a fear of dolls or ventriloquism dummies, this book is going to give you a run for your money. Plus, it has that super cool cover by Daniele Serra. In this case, the inside of the book is just as good as its cover. 


Since reading that awesome novella, I have been slowly reading Mr. Curran's back-list and there are a lot of them. If you have a fondness for western horror, which I do, then perhaps Skin Medicine is the book for you. Texas Rangers, Mormons, Civil War veterans, Native Americans....and something else. Something dark and scary.  Skull Moon is another western horror story which takes place in Wolf Creek and features Joseph Longtree, the cool Clint Eastwood type U.S. Marshall. Full of Native American folklore and oh so much fun!


If creature features are your thing, Mr. Curran has that covered too. Check out the cover of Worm up there. This novella was an oozing, nasty, fun filled ride! Now you may think that by looking at the cover for Sow, that this is another fun creature feature. It is, but it isn't. This was probably the most surprising story of Tim's that I have read. It was so much more than I expected. It just knocked me out!


Finally, to my very favorites. The Underdwelling is a story that really freaked me out. And in case you haven't guessed  it, I don't freak out very easily. Stories that are set in deep, dark mines automatically have freaky built right in. But add in the Lovecraftian touches that Mr. Curran did and you have one hell of a scary story. 


Dead Sea is an epic work of dark, all-encompassing fog. As you may have guessed, there are things in that fog. Things of all shapes and sizes...including things not of this world. To be honest, there was a brief portion of this book that bogged down, but once it gets going again, the reader is treated to the results of a creative but fucked up mind, heavily influenced by Lovecraft and other authors of old. Here, Mr. Curran's greatest gift shines and that would be his descriptive skills. Those skills are outstanding and unmatched in the world of horror. I've never read an author who is totally capable of taking you out of your environment and into his. While reading Dead Sea, I felt as if I were in the fog. 


I consider myself to be a seasoned horror reader and even still, Tim Curran knocks my socks off! Just about every time I read one of his stories his knowledge, his descriptive skills, and his wild imagination come together seamlessly and they take me on a ride through hell. I am on the Tim Curran bandwagon. I think you should join me. Together, we will have one hell of a good time!