Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran

Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran


This book was a BLAST! I don't even know where to start. This is old school, Lovecraftian horror at its finest. It even goes so far as to provide an imaginative explanation for this cosmic horror, which I loved.


An old abandoned town causes talk. Especially when people are anywhere near this town, they tend to hear things. They tend to see things. Sometimes they don't make it back to their towns or cities of origin. Sometimes they get pulled down, never to been seen or heard from again.


I'm not even going to talk  about the plot, because I am aching to talk about Mr. Curran's imaginative skills and his ability to get what he sees in that imagination onto paper, (or your Kindle screen!), in the most vivid way possible.  I "saw" things in this book that I have never seen...nay, have never even imagined before! White things. Things like mushroomy, maggoty humans. Things like....well, seriously, it's fantastic!


This is another underground story by Mr. Curran that scared me and freaked me out right down to my bones. (If you haven't read The Underdwelling, you should!)  What I liked most about it, is the complete turn the story makes, which takes it right out of creature feature territory and right into the world of Lovecraft and cosmic horror. How does one turn a B movie fest into a Lovecraftian masterpiece? You will have to read this book to find out. (Unfortunately you will have to wait, since it won't be available to the public for another month. This is yet another benefit of the Darkfuse Kindle Club. They hit a home run with this one!)