The Darker Saints by Brian Hodge

The Darker Saints - Brian Hodge


I love the work of Brian Hodge. I first discovered him through the Darkfuse Kindle Club, when I read Without Purpose, Without Pity. My Shelfari group read Nightlife a couple of months ago and we decided to read this book because two of the characters featured in Nightlife are also the focus of this story. 


Anyway, this is an older story which takes place in New Orleans. As soon as I saw that I knew I was in. I once visited New Orleans, for only a short time, and I have wanted to return ever since. After reading this book, now I'm not so sure! This is a story that involves some serious voodoo, the mafia, corruption, politics and two likable characters that you can't help but root for. (And a bunch more characters that you can not help but hate.)


I did find the pacing to be a bit slow at first, but then it picked up and kept on steadily until the end. The ending was compelling and true to the story, but I just couldn't help but wish for it to be different, and that is usually not like me. I cannot elaborate on that for fear of ruining the story. I will say that Mr. Hodge has a great way of building characters, making them real and making you care for them. I love that and as such, I will be making my way through his back list. 


Recommended for fans of books set in New Orleans, fans of voodoo stories and horror fans that just enjoy well written horror!