The King in Yellow by Robert Chambers

The King in Yellow and Other Horror Stories - Robert W. Chambers, E.F. Bleiler


I finished reading The King In Yellow and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I feel satisfied that I've finally read this horror classic and I feel somewhat enlightened about the HBO show True Detective.


The KiY consists of a total of 8 stories. 4 horror, 1 ghost, 1 war and two romance-y type tales.  The horror tales were my favorites of the collection, most especially "The  Repairer of Reputations". These shorts were loosely connected by a play in book form titled The King in Yellow. Anyone who reads this book/play risks madness and some of these tales are narrated by the very character that did the reading,- resulting in the fact that the reader is unsure if the events playing out are real or are actually the madness. I enjoyed the ambiguous nature of these tales and my rating of this book is almost entirely based on these 4 stories.


I did love the the ghost story, but I won't mention the title of that tale, so as not to ruin it for future readers. To be honest, I did not love the war short but it was okay, and I didn't care for the romance tales at all. 


All in all, I enjoyed this collection and will no longer be wondering what is being talked about when the word "Carcosa" or the phrase "The Yellow Sign" appears. I won't hide the fact that I was a little disappointed in the last few stories, but that's okay, not every collection is perfect and this is no exception. I think it's worth the time to read it and think about how many horror stories and movies were based on these types of concepts and what kind of mind could have imagined them in the first place. 


Recommended for fans of classic horror!