Bad Wolf by Tim McGregor

Bad Wolf (Bad Wolf Chronicles, #1) - Tim McGregor


I read this book with my Shelfari group this week. From the title, you can gather that it's a book about a werewolf. One that is not so well behaved.


This story is more of a police procedural than anything else. Gallagher is your typical homicide detective that doesn't play by the rules. Lara Mendes is the rookie homicide cop that is reluctantly partnered up with him. Together, they are trying to solve a grisly murder.


That's it about the plot. To be honest, this story didn't offer up anything truly different for fans of the lycanthrope. There were a lot of phrases that were repeated, (chin-wagging), a lot. Both of those things-lack of originality and the repeat phrases irritated me.


On the good side, this story was rather well written, well edited and fast paced. It did keep my attention throughout...until the end. The end pissed me off to no end. I knew this was a series, but I expected a full, complete story with this book and I didn't get that.


To sum up, I liked this book, but didn't find it to be original or surprising. For a seasoned horror fan, it didn't have anything new to offer. For someone new to horror, it might be a great story, but that person is not me.