February Round Up!

The Concrete Grove  - Gary McMahon The Purcell Papers, Volume 2 - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu The Devil of Echo Lake - Douglas Wynne Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island - Michael Phillip Cash Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran The Darker Saints - Brian Hodge Red Cells - DarkFuse Marrow's Pit - Keith Deininger The King in Yellow and Other Horror Stories - Robert W. Chambers, E.F. Bleiler Bad Wolf (Bad Wolf Chronicles, #1) - Tim McGregor

February's Books! There were some great ones and some okay ones! You can check out my reviews on these books by clicking on the links:


The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon 4*


The Purcell Papers Volume 2 by J. Sheridan Le Fanu 4*


The Devil of Echo Lake by Douglas Wynne 4*


Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island by Michael Phillip Cash 3*


Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran 5*


The Darker Saints by Brian Hodge


Red Cells by Jeffrey Thomas 4*


Marrow's Pit  by Keith Deininger 4.5*


The King in Yellow and Other Stories by Robert Chambers 4*


Bad Wolf by Tim McGregor 3*



It looks like Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran was the best book I read this month. It was awesome and you should read it too! 

Now it's time to move on to March. Will the spring ever get here? We will see!