Psychros by Paul Roberts

Psychros - Paul     Roberts

The other day I was over at Goodreads taking part in a discussion about horror story collections, in the Literary Horror Group.  It was a very interesting conversation and with names like Laird Barron and Tom Ligotti being tossed about, I was immediately interested. One of the people taking part in the discussion was Paul Roberts. I clicked on his profile, discovered he had written a couple of short stories and I decided, (on the strength of our group conversation), that I would pick one up and check it out. After all, someone who enjoys Laird Barron and Tom Ligotti would have to write something good, right? Granted, I have been wrong about these types of things before, but I am pleased to report that this one was actually good.


A family friend and two brothers travel up to their father's old hunting cabin after his death. It's time to set things straight and to also finally gain entrance to their father's forbidden study. Their vehicle gets stuck and they have to hoof it through the snow to even get there, and that's the best thing that happens to them the entire time.


From there the story veers into cosmic/man-made horror territory and I enjoyed the hell out of it. The only criticism I have about this tale is that, at times, it got a little bit too wordy with the descriptions. Other than that, I liked this novelette and would heartily recommend it to fans of literary and/or cosmic horror!