Shock Totem 4

Shock Totem 4: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted - K. Allen Wood, A.C. Wise, Michael Penkas, Tom Bordonaro, Jaelithe Ingold, Kathe Koja, Weston Ochse, Rennie Sparks, David Busboom, Justin Paul Walters, Lee  Thompson

(I read this about two years ago, but thought I would re-post this review because this collection was utterly fantastic!) 


I like to read short story collections. I find a lot of new authors in this manner.  Shock Totem 4 looms large above the average collection.

Running down the stories that I liked the most:

Beneath the Weeping Willow- by Lee Thompson.

I liked this one so much I bought some other offerings by Mr. Thomspon. 5 Stars!

Full Dental -by Tom Bordonaro.

This was his first published story and it was Freaking Awesome! Fun filled, tongue in cheek and creepy. 5 Stars!

Fade to Black-by Jaelithe Ingold.  A different type of cemetery story. 4 Stars!

Weird Tales-by David Busboom. Super short, super excellent! 5 Stars!

Playlist at the End-by Weston Ochse. A short story with a music score. 5 Stars!

Dead Baby Day-by Michael Penkas. It sounds much worse than it is. 4 Stars!

A couple of other things you do not find in most collections of this type:

Bloodstains and Blue Suede Shoes by John Boden and Simon Marshall-Jones. This is a bit of a history lesson concerning horror and music. I loved it, especially the parts about Robert Johnson as I'm a big blues music fan. 5 Stars!

Living Dead: A Personal Apocalypse by  K. Allen Wood. (The editor of this collection.)  It is a touching, poignant story about an alcoholic father. What makes this story different is that it is true. 5 Stars

In short, I found this collection to be most excellent and unique. I will be looking forward to more of them.


Edited March 20, 2014 to add that since I read this collection, I have read several more fantastic books by both Lee Thompson and Weston Ochse. Proving to myself yet again that great authors can be found by checking out short story collections like this one.