Reading progress update: I've read 39% of Wrath of Angels

The Wrath of Angels - John Connolly


Again, I normally don't publish these reading update things but I feel the need to with this book. I have been following Charlie Parker since his invention by John Connolly back in 1999. The book was titled "Every Dead Thing" and it won the Shamus Award in the Best First Novel category. I love the character of Charlie so much- he fights the good fight against all odds, and he does it with humor, sarcasm and big brass cojones.


Most especially though? I LOVE the characters of Angel and Louis. These are two very special cohorts of Charlie's. One black and large, one small and white. Both gay. Both hit-men. Despite which, they are also both good guys. This is the thing that makes Connolly's writing so compelling. He has the reader rooting for the fucking hit-men for God's sake! Not many authors are capable of that and when you find one, you stick with them. 


I'm sticking with you Charlie in this 11th volume in the series, you are as great as you were in the first. Angel and Louis, I'm so happy to see you guys again. It's great to be among old friends.