Quitting Smoking-Day One


Some may think it's odd that I have chosen April Fool's Day to quit smoking. The reason I chose this day is because it's the day that I chose to quit last year. Obviously, I was not successful, (though I did go almost four months and that is a record for me.) I would like to associate this day with success rather than failure, so here I am again.


I have smoked for more years than I care to count. It has had detrimental affects on my health. It has cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars over the years. At the current price in the state of Massachusetts, ($10.00 per pack), I spend over $300.00 per month smoking. It makes me smell. It makes my car smell. I'm sure it makes my breath stink. What kind of fool am I?


I am an addicted fool. I guess I am hoping that by posting this, perhaps some of you out there can share your quitting stories with me. Maybe a word of encouragement. Maybe a word about how stupid it was to begin smoking in the first place. Maybe just a wish that I will be successful this time, even a silent wish. I can use all the help I can get. 


I am going to buy one big effing boatload of books if I am successful. I hope I am.