Blue November Storms by Brian James Freeman

Blue November Storms - Brian James Freeman, Glenn Chadbourne, Ray Garton

5 friends meet up to visit the cabin in the woods they built together when they were teenagers. This brings me to the fantastic introduction to this book, written by Ray Garton. Like he says, any horror fan knows you just don't go to cabins in the woods. Quote:


If you're a horror fan, you know what's out there. There are families of inbred cannibals, practitioners of unspeakable religious rites, extraterrestrials possibly disoriented by a rough touchdown, drug-crazed psycho-killers and Bigfoot to name only a few things.


Despite all the facts that Mr. Garton laid out in his intro., the guys meet up and are very excited to be together again and they're psyched that there is also a meteor shower predicted for this very night. Unfortunately, this wasn't the usual sky art. These meteors are illuminated by a strange blue light and they continue coming down to strike the earth. What happens after that came as a surprise to me and I thought it was awesome. 


I need to briefly mention the very cool illustrations throughout this novella. Sketched by Glenn Chadbourne, they added a lot to the story. His work is phenomenal.


This was a quick novella (only about 100 pages), that I read within an hour. I thought it was imaginative, creative and fast paced. I didn't think a story with this particular premise could work for me, but I was wrong, this one did. Recommended to fans of tales of this type, and fans of horror in general.