Quitting Smoking-Day Eight


Well, here I am at day 8 of not smoking. Yay me, right? Yeah....not so much. At times I feel like I have lost my best friend. I seem to have a lot less energy now. I'm probably gaining some weight... eh, who am I fooling? I AM gaining weight. So, I'm trying to stay focused on the good side. 


So far, I've saved $80.00. (Book buying spree, here I come!) I'm breathing better already. I'm having less cravings now (only slightly less, but it's less!), my carbon dioxide levels have dropped, and my blood oxygen level is now normal. (Big freakin' deal, do I feel that? No.) My body is now entirely nicotine free, (though I wish it wasn't at times.) Every battle now is against psychological habits, not physical cravings.


The gist of this is I'm still quit. Thanks to everyone that posted comments and encouragement on day one. It was so appreciated, you don't even know.