Night of the Wendigo by William Meikle

Night of the Wendigo - William Meikle

This book wasn't what I expected at all. Since Wendigos are from the north and because they are part of North American legend, I expected this story to take place in a small town or village. Wrong. It took place in Manhattan. I thought this would be about some mythical creature, (single), that terrorizes said town. Wrong. There's loads of them and it's still Manhattan. What's right? The characters are fun and compelling,( if maybe slightly cliche), there's humor, there's scary creatures, there's a mysterious journal, and some gory deaths. 


In short, this was a super cool story to read. It starts off with a shot and it's gone.

I recommend this for fans of horror fun.  See if you can hang on for the ride that is Night of the Wendigo!