Best Books of April 2014

Blue November Storms - Brian James Freeman, Glenn Chadbourne, Ray Garton Autumn in the Abyss - John Claude Smith Six Dead Spots - Gregor Xane Night of the Wendigo - William Meikle


It's been a sad month here at the Horror Corner; I have nothing this month that rated 5 stars. I did, however, have 3 books that rated a 4.5, so they take the stage for April. I'm adding in Night of the Wendigo, because it was so much fun. (Just click on the titles to see my reviews.)


Blue November Storms was a super cool short novella with a unique premise that I never saw coming. 


Autumn in the Abyss-Autumn in the Abyss was a beautifully written collection of four stories. All four of which made for a perfectly balanced volume. 

 Six Dead Spots was a freaky, surreal novella that will surely have the reader saying WTF was that? 


Night of the Wendigo was a fun creature feature that surprised me in a lot of ways. This was simply a fun story that delivered the chills and the laughs. All with a nice, easly flowing writing style that makes you feel you're a part of the story.