Mega Pack Kindle Book Sale!

The Second Science Fiction Megapack - 'Robert Silverberg',  'Lawrence Watt-Evans',  'Nina Kiriki Hoffman',  'Tom Purdom',  'Philip K. Dick',  'Marion Zimmer Bradley',  'Ben Bova' The Time Travel Megapack: 26 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Stories - Edward M. Lerner, Richard A. Lupoff, Damien Broderick The Philip K. Dick Megapack: 15 Classic Science Fiction Stories - Philip K. Dick The Fourth Science Fiction Megapack - Harry Harrison;Kurt ,  Jr. Vonnegut;Philip K. Dick;Isaac Asimov;John Gregory Betancourt;Murray Leinster;John Russell Fearn;E.C. Tubb;George H. Scithers;Milton Lesser The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack - 'H.P. Lovecraft',  'T.E.D. Klein',  'Lawrence Watt-Evans',  'Clark Ashton Smith',  'Robert E. Howard',  'Brian Stableford',  'Brian McNaughton',  'Robert Bloch',  'Henry Kuttner',  'Lin Carter',  'Adrian Cole'


There are a bunch more of them on sale than I've listed here and they're all only .99 in the U.S. Some of them have over 2000 pages! All  of the ones I checked do have linked Tables of Content.


Here's a link:



Happy Shopping!