I'm Pissed Off!


The author of this book Empty Space  posted to her blog on May 7th, these words:


"Just as any review site, I appreciate the opportunity to view reviews; however there are trolls. Posting a really low rating without telling an author why is not only poor reviewing, it's a sign of cowardice."


I  put these comments ONLY into a review.  I DID NOT RATE the book and I shelved it  under NO. I received comments that the author deleted these words from her blog, (she did) and that she was talking shit over on You Tube(I don't care, didn't look.) For me, this was over.


Today, I received an email from Goodreads that my review was removed because it's about the author, not the book.  It's not over.


Here is what I think about that:


I think when you make a public post you should stand by what you fucking said. I think you should know words have meaning. I think you should have smarts enough not to call your readers cowards. I think that if you had second thoughts about what you wrote you should STAND UP AND SAY YOU MADE A FUCKING MISTAKE, instead of just deleting it from your blog and then go whining to Goodreads about it. No one OWES YOU a damn thing, not a sale, not a review and certainly not anymore of my precious fucking time.