Creed by James Herbert

Creed - James Herbert

This book was a rocking good time! Any fan of 80's style horror would dig this novel.

We have a paparazzo named Creed that is generally disliked. He is greedy, selfish and obnoxious. Thing is, you are rooting for him anyway. Mr. Herbert created a deeply flawed, but likable protagonist.


The best part, next to the 80's pulp feel, is the humor. Herbert somehow manages to have you laughing, sometimes even in the midst of dire situations. Then there's a few inside jokes; at one point Creed spots a rat and thinks: "Didn't he read somewhere that rats were taking over the city? Good idea for a book there. Somebody ought to do it." Anyone familiar with James Herbert's works chuckles right there.

I'm not going to get into the plot, the description does that. I will say that this book stoked up my Herbert jones and I can't wait to read more of his books. Highly recommended for fans of 80's horror.

For a good time, call Creed!