Son of the Endless Night by John Farris

Son of the Endless Night - John Farris

I just finished a buddy read with my fellow 80's horror lovers over at Goodreads. I'm so glad I participated because this book was just plain FUN!


This was a unique tale that successfully blended demonic possession with courtroom drama. I know it sounds like a crazy mix, and it is, but believe me when I say that this book (mostly)delivered. 


This story had a unique structure. It is told in 3 parts, the first telling the story of Rich and what happened to him. The second is told from the point of view of Rich's brother, Conor. The third part is focused first on a strange trip, then the court case. The denouement takes place in the courtroom and what a blast it was!


So why only 4 stars and not 5? I felt that at a few places the pacing began to drag a little bit; it was never long between action sequences, but I felt that Mr. Farris ran on a bit here and there. If the story hadn't been told in such a unique way, it might have been more of a problem for me. 


All in all, this book was a good time. With all of the horror awesome-ness that comes with a demonic possession set in the 80's, this tale will sweep you up and carry you kicking and screaming right to the end. Recommended to fans of 80's horror!