A Simple Plan by Scott Smith

A Simple Plan - Scott Smith


I liked this book a lot!


It was very easy to identify with Hank, the protagonist of this story. Imagine that you and your two siblings find a bag full of money in a plane that crashed that no one has yet discovered. Would you keep it or not? That is the gist of this story.


Just think about how one simple lie in your life could spiral out of control...into more lies and things MUCH worse than that, even. That's exactly what happened here,  It was very easy to take the next step with Hank, and then the next, and so on. At first, the reader feels sorry for him, but not for long as he tangles himself up further and further by the minute. The last quarter of this book turned into a nightmare from which I could not pull myself away. I did feel that the last scenes slightly stepped over the line of believability and for that I deducted one star.


Overall, I enjoyed this story quite a bit and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a fast paced thriller with some blood and gore. Good times, good times.