Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Blackbirds  - Chuck Wendig


Meet Miriam Black. She's a badass extraordinaire. She curses like a sailor and she knows how and when you're going to die.


That's the gist of this fast paced novel by Chuck Wendig. It poses an excellent question: What good is it knowing when and how people are going to die, if you can't change it? I
liked this tale and I liked how Miriam tried and tried to do the right thing, no matter how useless it seemed. 


The one thing that I didn't like was the never ending one liners on Miriam's part. I know that they are part of her defense system, but they got on my nerves towards the end. (I felt the same way about the juvenile humor in "John Dies at the End." This book wasn't nearly as bad as that.) That said, there was a lot of humor in this novel that I did enjoy.


To sum up, I liked this story a lot, I LOVED the character of Miriam, (even with all the one liners), and I will be reading the second novel in this series. Recommended for fans of urban fantasy (light), and fans of slightly dark fiction.