The River of Souls by Robert McCammon

The River of Souls - Robert McCammon, Vincent Chong

I'm a tad disappointed. Maybe it's because I love this series so much and I expected a lot from this volume. Maybe it's because I'm used to big books in this series and this volume is short. I'm not quite sure why, but I'm feeling unfulfilled. 


Our beloved "problem solver" Matthew Corbett has ventured from NYC circa 1703 and is currently situated in Charles Town, Carolina. He has been hired to bring the local belle to a ball and what could be an easier job? Of course, Matthew being Matthew, he is soon involved in the investigation of a murder and he, (and we), are off! Soon finding himself in a row boat upon the River of Souls, he is faced with escaped slaves, a murderer on the loose, alligators, raving, maniacal skeletons, and baby cries coming from the swamps. What a blast!!


So, why am I feeling a little let down? Again, I can't quite say. I'm going to chalk it up to my excitement about a new entry in the series, because I mean just look up there! There was some seriously interesting, fun stuff going on. You don't get maniacal skeletons every day!


I still recommend this book, of course. Matthew is continuing to grow and the direction that his life has taken is completely different than anything that has come before. Now begins the long wait to see where Matthew (and Mr. McCammon) take us next.


*A big thank you goes out to my friend Matthew, who kindly gifted me a copy of this book. Thanks again, Matthew! *