The Vagrants by Brian Moreland

The Vagrants - Brian Moreland

This novella was SO not what I expected. It started with a bunch of homeless people and a man writing a book and then it turned into a story of Old Gods. Weird, right? Yes, but weird in a good way!


As I said, we start with groups of homeless people being sought after by a man named Mordecai. He wants them to join his group of "seekers" and he is capable of mesmerizing them into doing just that. Enter in Daniel, a man living among these homeless vagrants doing research for a book. Enter in a side story of the Irish mob in South Boston, (I love reading stories about my home state!), and how Daniel's family is affiliated with them. Then throw them all together in a room, sprinkle some Lovecraftian-ism over the top like fresh ground pepper- and you have an original story that I thought was a lot of fun. (When I say Lovecraftian, I'm not talking tentacled creatures here- I AM talking about old/ancient gods and their plans for mankind.)



I enjoyed the underground mural depictions and how Daniel spotted his friends in them. And I most especially loved the final scenes, complete with meat hooks and mysterious elevator shafts. The originality of those last moments with Mordecai took this book from what I thought was a so-so 3 star read,  into a 4 star, "I recommend this book" review. Well done, Mr. Moreland!


Recommend for friends of underground horror and the Old Gods.


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**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it.**