Best Books of June 2014!

Mr. Mercedes - Stephen King Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig The Monster of Florence - Douglas Preston

I'm sad to report that I didn't rate any of my June books 5 stars, so this month's Best Books will feature books that rated 4 stars instead! (Clicking the titles below will bring you right to my reviews.)


Mr. Mercedes-Mr. King's latest book features some great characters and I look forward to meeting some of them again in the second entry of what now appears to be a trilogy.


Blackbirds-This was my first book written by Chuck Wendig, but it won't be my last. This book is also the first of a trilogy. I liked this one so much that I have the next two lined up on my Kindle and ready to go. Featuring a kickass female lead named Miriam Black, this book was a lot of fun, but also poignant at times.


The Monster of Florence I listened to this one on audio. I am still a newbie to the world of audiobooks, but I enjoyed the narrator of this one, most especially due to his nice Italian accent. The story is certainly horrific and only reinforced my ideas about the Italian justice system-mainly the fact that it sucks. I was surprised to find that I had never heard about this serial killer before, and even more surprised to learn that he was never caught. This was an excellent tale about a true miscarriage of justice and I recommend it highly.


So that's it for the month of June! I'm about 3 books behind my goal of 140. We'll see what happens during this month-hopefully I can catch up a little bit!