Gaming the Systems: Indie Authors Vote Trading on Listopia (Head's Up!!)

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Author Maggie Spence says:

"Okay. We all know that Goodreads has a gazillion members but the forums are fragmented and hard to target. But those listopia lists are an interesting source of new customers. What if we all help each other out? You only need a few votes to move up on their lists and maybe we can get each other on the map. Here's my plan: Everyone list the name of their book in this thread and what Listopia List they would like to be featured on. I think you should only pick one for now to see how this works. The rest of us add the book to our To-Read lists on GoodReads. (If you aren't a member, you should be!) Then we go to the Listopia list and vote for it. So simple. And you really have to keep checking back to this thread and help out everyone who names their book and list. I'll start. I've already chosen my list, it's Smart Summer Reads and the name of my book is Vardin Village. It already has one vote so you just need to add yours! Then I'll do you!


See the entire thread over at Amazon KDP boards. 


Here is the "Smart Summer Read" list being tampered with. 


So basically, a bunch of authors are getting together to up-vote their books on select lists to get them more attention. While I don't think these authors understand how shady these tactics are, it doesn't change the fact that they are doing something underhanded. There are way more effective ways to market your books. 


Seriously people, do better.