(Belated) Hot Man Friday (Just for Char!)

Reblogged from Kitty Horror:

 Can you see why I look forward to Hot Man Friday? ~ Char


My apologies to Char for not getting this out sooner. As she is a big fan of The Walking Dead, I'm going to put up a few pics of some of the guys off the show.


Roll on Season 5, it can't come soon enough. :D


Andrew Lincoln




He scrubs up very nicely. :)



Jon Bernthal


Okay, I know he was a complete douche bag in the series but you must admit he looks pretty sexy in these pics. ;)




Steve Yuen


Glenn is one of my favourite characters.



David Morrissey


The man we loved to hate. :D

Although, when he looks this cute why would you.




And finally, last but by no means least:


Norman Reedus


Is it just me or does he look even hotter when he's greasy, sweaty and covered in grime?








Enjoy Char! :D