Leviathan by Tim Curran

Leviathan - Tim Curran

This novella was a blast! (And it's currently on sale for only .99! (7.21.14 in the U.S.)


Johnny Horowitz needed to take a vacation. As a full fledged member of the paparazzi, (or as he likes to think of himself, a photo journalist), he was well known by the glitterati and hated by all of them. As such, he was advised by his boss that a forced vacation begins now. Johnny heads to a deserted beach with his camera and his beer and was relaxing quite nicely. Until he found something on the beach. Something that looked like bones. Human bones.


And so begins Johnny's fascination with this particular beach and its secrets. And boy...they are big secrets...straight from the Cretaceous period. This is where Mr. Curran's outstanding descriptive skills kick in. If you've ever read his work, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, this novella is a great place to start. Things come out of that sea that defy description, but Mr. Curran's skills kick in to help you picture the scene perfectly. And it's a scary scene. Actually it's a long series of scary scenes and they rocked!


This novella took just an hour or two to read and what a fun time it was. If you like stories about the sea and/or creature features, this story is for you. Highly recommended!