The Exiled by William Meikle

Reblogged from Jessica (HDB):
The Exiled - William Meikle

I finished this book last night and, honestly, I'm angry at myself for not getting to it sooner. The instant I picked up The Exiled, I was lost to the world. I was drawn into a new place. One where castles loom on mountains, and darkness flies on feathered wings. William Meikle has created a beautifully original story that is a mix of Scottish mythology, crime thriller and a bit of horror for good measure. This is a dark story, to be sure, but one I truly enjoyed. I'm impressed.


John Granger and his brother Alan were excellent characters. Both strong, stubborn, and about as noble as they come. I loved that John and Alan were on two different sides of the spectrum when it came to their jobs. John as a detective. Alan as a reporter. Each of them seeking the same answers in their own way. I watched as they slowly fell down the rabbit hole, and still managed to stay themselves. Be warned, these two are tough not to get attached to. 


This richly detailed story pulls the reader into a place beyond the world we know. One where darkness is spreading, and our two unlikely heroes are the only ones who can stop it. It's filled with twists and turns, plus an ample amount of very descriptive violence. If you're not okay with dismembered body parts being described in detail? You might want to tread lightly. I can, however, promise that there is a lot of beauty in this story too. I was amazed at how flawlessly this transitioned from a crime story, to a fantasy story, and back again.


I wish I could say more, but I don't want to risk spoiling a moment of this for potential readers. This is a gorgeously written book, and one that I'm glad I read! If you enjoy dark fantasy, give this one a space on your reading list.