The Magic Cottage by James Herbert

The Magic Cottage - James Herbert


Published in 1986, this James Herbert novel is a lot of fun.


Herbert had the talent to write very different types of stories. From flat out splatter like The Rats or The Fog, to comedic humor like the horror story Creed, I know that Herbert guarantees me a good time. The Magic Cottage was not a disappointment.


A fun, slow burning story about a loving couple wanting to get away from things and instead ending up in the middle of things. Strange happenings at their new cottage in the country, happenings that they are slow to pick up on, lead up to an all out crazy ending that I enjoyed. 


I had a lot of fun with this book, even though the pacing was a little slow. The vivid images of the cottage and all of the creatures and flowers there will be with me for a while. 


Recommended to fans of slow burning horror, James Herbert, and haunted houses.