Wild Fell by Michael Rowe

Wild Fell - Michael Rowe

Since I read Enter, Night , I've been wanting to check out Wild Fell. I'm sorry that I waited so long!


Wild Fell is told in such a unique manner , (I love that!),  that it's hard to tear yourself away. Normal day to day chores like cooking dinner, doing dishes and such, all fell by the wayside in favor of parking my butt on the couch,(or by the river on my lunch hour), to see where this novel would take me. It took me a number of places, but it finished with me at Wild Fell itself.


Jameson Browning is our protagonist. As a boy he was bullied and had a best friend, a girl named Hank. From there, we follow Jameson throughout his life and finally, his time at Wild Fell. He's a good guy and a good friend and he fell upon hard times-it's easy to like and root for him.


All is not as it seems with Jameson, though,  and getting to what is REAL is part of the mystery of this book. It's not a ghost story, it's not a haunted house story....but actually it is both, plus some.


Unlike the author, I do not have the right words to explain how this book made me feel. I will paraphrase from Jack Nicholson and his line from the movie "As Good as it Gets" , this book makes me wish I were a better reviewer. 


Highly recommended to fans of quiet horror, dark fiction, mysteries, ghost stories and haunted house tales.