The Amulet by Michael McDowell

The Amulet - Michael McDowell, Poppy Z Brite

This book was a good time! It contained all the good over-the-top-ness of 80's horror. (Technically this book was originally published in 1979, but I'm calling it 80's horror anyway. So sue me.)


This is another book by Mr. McDowell that was allowed to go out of print, but was brought back by Valancourt Books. (Another being the phenomenal book, The Elementals. ) With an introduction by Poppy Z. Brite (which I recommend you read AFTER you've finished the book), this novel was a tasty treat that I savored over the last week or so.


Even though this story starts off with about 5 or 6 chapters of pure description, (which I usually HATE),  it captured my attention right from the get go. I was reminded of the chapters Stephen King wrote about Derry, ME and its history. If the author is talented enough they can make anything interesting and believe me, Mr. McDowell was talented, (more than) enough.


Take this southern Alabama town, populate it with the rich, the poor, the segregated, the opinionated and the lost;  toss in a mysterious necklace, and then just sit back and watch people die. There's no tippy-toeing around in this novel, people die.


LOTS of people die.

In all kinds of creative ways too, which I thought was F-U-N, fun!


My only problem with this novel was that around the 75% mark, it got a little bit repetitive when the main character, Sarah, was dilly dallying around as to what to do. I have to say though, the ROCKING ending almost made up for that.


Overall this novel was a fantastic mix of over the top 80's cheese, excellent writing and descriptive skills, no holds barred, horror FUN. I recommend it to any fan of well written 80's horror.