Reading progress update: I've read 36%.

Dark Entries - Robert Aickman


I have been wanting to read some Robert Aickman for many years now. (When the budget is tight, some things have to wait.)  Finally a few weeks ago, I was able to find a few of his collections on a rewards site offered by my employer. How excited was I?


To pile even more good-ness on top of that, the Literary Horror group (over at Goodreads) decided to read one of these collections during the month of September. What an excellent choice that is turning out to be!


These stories (so far) are ambiguous... they almost do more hinting than they do telling; vague and strange sentences you aren't quite sure about it-things like that. Which makes for interesting and eye opening conversations, for sure. I'm having such a great time with it!


I just thought I would share that with you all. (BTW, anyone interested can come join us! You would be most welcome.)