Reading progress update: I've read 82% of The Flood by Michael McDowell

The Flood - Michael McDowell


This book is PHENOMENAL! I am reading this book with my good friend Jon, (Reclusive Reads), and a few others in a buddy read at Goodreads. My friend Tressa has been raving about this series for years. (There are 6 books total, and now there is a new omnibus version for Kindle that includes all 6 with an intro by John Langan.)


Anyway, I LOVE this book. It's southern gothic, 80's horror, creature feature, FUN. The characters are fantastic and their southern patois is just a blast to read. McDowell's style of writing is SO good, you cannot help but be pulled in. His observations are often hilarious, but always true. Like this gem: "It's a great mistake to imagine that men care less for gossip than women." As a women that has worked with mostly men all my life, I know this to be true.  But this, this quote I came across last night-it's truly an observational wonder:


"That was the great misconception about men: because they dealt with money, because they could hire someone on and later fire him, because they alone filled state assemblies and were elected congressional representatives, everyone thought they had power. Yet all the hiring and firing, the land deals and the lumber contracts, the complicated process for putting through a constitutional amendment-these were only bluster. They were blinds to disguise the fact of men's real powerlessness in life. Men controlled the legislatures, but when it came down to it, they didn't control themselves. Men had failed to study their own minds sufficiently, and because of this failure they were at the mercy of fleeting passions;  men, much more than women, were moved by petty jealousies and the desire for petty revenges. Because they enjoyed their enormous but superficial power, men had never been forced to know themselves the way that women, in their adversity and superficial subservience, had been forced to learn about the workings of their brains and their emotions."


I cannot wait to finish this book tonight! Cannot. Wait. :)