The Thicket by Joe Lansdale & Narrator Will Collyer

The Thicket - Joe R. Lansdale

This book was wonderful!


Granted, it had some very nasty language and racial epithets, but these rang true for the time period. Other than that and what I felt was a slightly predictable ending, this book was just fantastic and I'm sad that it's over.


You can get a description of the story from every other review and the book description, so that's all you'll hear from me about that. On to the good stuff-the characters. This book is populated with such a colorful cast, all of whom I can see in my mind clear as day. The bad guys were as clearly drawn and hated as the good guys were vivid and loved. I wanted to hug all the folks on the good side and that includes Hog. 


The narrator was absolutely fantastic. His voices were wonderful and it was easy to tell which character was which. He gave them character,  and somehow added a touch of reality to them, as well as a level of depth. Or maybe that was Mr. Lansdale that did that. Or maybe it was the combination of them both. 


Either way, this book was great. The audio was wonderful, the characters truly memorable, and I find myself hoping that I can find another book authored by and narrated by these same guys. Because if I can, I'm in. You should be in too! Seriously, you should. 


Recommended to all adults that love westerns.