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The Changeling - Victor LaValle

WE HAVE CRYING!! So yay, this book will end up fitting the Water Works space for Booklikes-opoly.


"Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event."



So far, this book is fantastic and I can't wait to see what happens next. 


Hoodoo Harry by Joe Lansdale

Hoodoo Harry (Bibliomysteries) - Joe R. Lansdale

Hoodoo Harry is actually a woman and she used to drive the bookmobile in her town. The bookmobile and Harry both disappeared years ago and no one ever knew what became of them.


Enter Hap and Leonard. As they're driving down the road one day, what comes up the road towards them, but the bookmobile? It's being driven by what looks like a young boy and unfortunately, he drives right into Hap and Leonard! That's all I can say about the story, you'll have to read it to find out what happens next.


I love these guys and this novella was no exception. I also loved the bookmobile when I was a kid, so this story very much appealed to me. Hoodoo Harry has to be one of my favorite entries in the series so far and I know that I'll be thinking about her and her bookmobile for a long time to come.


Highly recommended!


Available August 1, but you can pre-order here: Hoodoo Harry (Bibliomysteries)


*Thanks to NetGalley and to the publisher for the digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*

Fountain of Drowned Memories by Erik Hofstatter

Fountain of Drowned Memories - Erik Hofstatter


Fountain of Drowned Memories is a short story that touched my heart.


Lorcan is a man obsessed with the stains in the ceiling and someone, (or something?), trying to steal from him. Is this real or is there something else going on? For a story that is only 18 pages long, this one packs a powerful punch and I highly recommend it.


Oh, and did I mention it's free? (Or you can donate $1.00 if you like it!) Here's a link, (what do you have to lose?):Fountain of Drowned Memories


*I received this short story free, in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*



Double Barrel Horror: There Will Be Angels/Marlene the Magnificent by John Boden

Double Barrel Horror: There Will Be Angels... / Marlene the Magnificent - John Boden, Matthew Weber


DOUBLE BARREL HORROR continues on with this series of two short stories per volume. This time around they are both written by John Boden. These super short stories being: THERE WILL BE ANGELS and MARLENE THE MAGNIFICENT. 


THERE WILL BE ANGELS is exactly the type of story I expect from Mr. Boden. A young boy is in distress and there are angels, but these are not the type of angels that will save him.


MARLENE THE MAGNIFICENT is NOT the type of story I expected from Mr. Boden. Not at all. Marlene actually IS magnificent and I wager that once you are introduced to her and her act, you will never forget it! A word of advice though? If she asks for your watch as part of her act, do NOT give it to her! 


I've been a fan of John Boden for a year or two now, and his work always surprises and pleases me. These two short stories continue that tradition and I give this small volume my highest recommendation!


You can get your copy here: 

Double Barrel Horror: There Will Be Angels... / Marlene the Magnificent


*I received this book free, in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*



My Free Friday Book! Hoodoo Harry by Joe Lansdale

Hoodoo Harry (Bibliomysteries) - Joe R. Lansdale

This is a short novella, so I should be able to finish it over the weekend! My Booklikes-opoly Bank account is as sad as my real one! This will be a nice way for me to make a deposit. 

Audiobook out now: Gilded Needles (1980) by Michael McDowell

Reblogged from Valancourt Books:

New audiobook! R.C. Bray, whose performance of Michael McDowell's The Elementals earned an Audie Award nomination, is back with a brilliant rendition of McDowell's harrowing story of revenge, GILDED NEEDLES! Now available worldwide on Amazon and Audible.

We have a limited number of promotional codes to give away, so if anyone is interested in reviewing the audiobook, please send us a private message on our Facebook page. More on the book here: Gilded Needles


Giveaway for The Fourth Monkey

Reblogged from Midu Reads:
The Fourth Monkey - A.J. Barker

I'm running a little giveaway for a book called The Fourth Monkey over on my blog. I've read this book and thought it was perfectly evil. I'll post my review on July 1st, it'll probably get around 4 1/2 stars because the characterization was great. It's about a missing teen and also has a creepy diary that tells the tale of a young serial killer in the making. If this sounds at all interesting to you and you are in the US or UK please enter the giveaway by clicking here. You could win a signed copy of the book and some other stuff.


Here's a peek at what's inside the giveaway box:




For the Water Works Space...

The Changeling - Victor LaValle


Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event.


From the synopsis, I'm thinking this book should fit the space, (someone had better cry, dammit!!):



Apollo Kagwa has had strange dreams that have haunted him since childhood. An antiquarian book dealer with a business called Improbabilia, he is just beginning to settle into his new life as a committed and involved father, unlike his own father who abandoned him, when his wife Emma begins acting strange. Disconnected and uninterested in their new baby boy, Emma at first seems to be exhibiting all the signs of post-partum depression, but it quickly becomes clear that her troubles go far beyond that. Before Apollo can do anything to help, Emma commits a horrific act—beyond any parent’s comprehension—and vanishes, seemingly into thin air.

Thus begins Apollo’s odyssey through a world he only thought he understood to find a wife and child who are nothing like he’d imagined. His quest begins when he meets a mysterious stranger who claims to have information about Emma’s whereabouts. Apollo then begins a journey that takes him to a forgotten island in the East River of New York City, a graveyard full of secrets, a forest in Queens where immigrant legends still live, and finally back to a place he thought he had lost forever. This dizzying tale is ultimately a story about family and the unfathomable secrets of the people we love.

Booklikes-opoly Game Play Update


I finally finished The Boy on the Bridge  which, at 400 pages, puts $3.00 more in my bank for a total of: $46.00. I read it for Fantasyland 6: 




I'm finally ready to roll again:



which brings me to:




I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this, but I'll check my upcoming reads and go from there. 


Edited to add: I have nothing coming up that fits this per the Game Play Shake Up post I am going to spend $2.00 and roll again. Current Bank:$44.00



This brings me to Water Works: Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event.


I'm off to find out what I have that fits this! 

The Memory of Running, Written and Narrated By Ron McClarty

The Memory of Running - Recorded Books LLC, Ron McLarty, Ron McLarty

This was so damn good! That is all.

The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carey

The Boy on the Bridge - M.R. Carey

The Boy on the Bridge is the, (at least for me), eagerly awaited prequel to The Girl With All the Gifts. This book tells the story of how the abandoned tank/lab they found in TGWAtG, the Rosalind Franklin, got to be where she was and what happened to her crew.


It also tells the story of a special boy on board, (who was possibly autistic?), along with the crew consisting of both military and civilian/scientific contingents. They are ordered out to reconnoiter and to collect lab samples. That's all I'll say about the plot.


In a way, this book is like TGWAtG, except instead of a special girl, we have a special boy. There is also the fact that we know the ending from the get-go, and I think that took away from the suspense a little bit. Lastly, I'm not sure all the science-y bits actually made sense, but even if they did I wasn't much interested in that aspect of the story. I'm more interested in the characters and whether or not they survive. Perhaps some sort of explanation was required, but I think it slowed the story down. I wanted to know more about Stephen and if what he had was actually autism or something else entirely.


The ending here scored BIG with me, though, and it made up for the times I thought the story was slow. Overall, I did enjoy the heck out of this story and I'm wondering if there will be another? If there is, sign me up now!


You can get your copy here: The Boy on the Bridge


*Thanks to NetGalley and Orbit for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*

The Fever by Megan Abbott

The Fever - Kirby Keyborne, Caitlin Davies, Megan Abbott

The Fever features more messed up girls from Megan Abbotts' dark, dark high school world.


I liked how it all worked out in the end, and I wondered if the "fever" ended up referencing the parents and other town officials, rather than the illness itself? When people's children are possibly in danger, there's no telling what parents will do to protect them.


As with most of Ms. Abbott's books that I've read so far though, it's the teenage girls that are the scariest of all-BY FAR. I could see parts of myself and parts of other girls I knew in high school in these characters.


I found The Fever to be slightly repetitive and I disliked the narrator of Deenie's father. The other two narrators were great and contributed a lot to my overall enjoyment of this book.


I look forward to reading more from Megan Abbott.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger-The Man in Black

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Man in Black - Robin Furth, Alex Maleev, Stephen King, Peter David

"Go then. There are other worlds than these."



And I might just do that after the next graphic novel in the series, which finishes off this story arc.


This installment completely changed what happened in the books, and I'm okay with that, I guess. However, that combined with the artwork, which I still don't feel is on par with the earlier graphic novels, may be enough for me to quit the series entirely. That goes against my completist nature, but life is too short and I want to read ALL the books. Choices must be made and I'm not sure the rest of this series will make the cut.

LGBT eBook Sale for Pride Month!

Reblogged from Valancourt Books:

June is LGBT Pride Month, and to celebrate, we're offering a 2-for-1 deal all month long on all ebooks in our LGBT literature catalog! It's easy: purchase any LGBT ebook using our Paypal button, then send us an email or message to let us know which other ebook (of equal or lesser price) you'd like for free! Applies only to ebooks purchased from the Valancourt website (not Amazon). Complete list of titles over on our Rediscovered LGBT Literature page.


Mapping the Interior by Stephen Graham Jones

Mapping the Interior - Stephen Graham Jones

Mapping the Interior touched me in a way that's hard to define.


A young man, missing and thinking of the father who died before he could really be known, believes he saw his father coming through a doorway. From there, we learn more about this young man, his family, Native American culture, and superstitions.


In a way, this could be interpreted as a ghost story. In another interpretation it could be thought of a coming of age story-with perhaps a little psychological horror on the side. However it's interpreted, whatever genre it's labeled, the fact remains that it moves the reader. It's a powerful piece of work.


I'm not going to go further into the plot, because I think the reader should discover it for themselves. I know that it brought me back to certain points in my childhood and how I felt about things, but I can't seem to adequately explain how it made me feel. Mapping the Interior resonated deeply with me and I'll have to leave it at that.


I give it my highest recommendation.


You can order a copy here: Mapping the Interior


*Thanks to Tor and to NetGalley for the e-ARC of this novella, in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

Clowning Around by Chris Kosarich

Clowning  Around - Chris  Kosarich

Clowning Around is a super short story featuring Tricksy the clown. I enjoyed it!


Tricksy makes a deal with two young budding film makers and then...things go wrong.


Even though I found this tale to be a bit predictable, I would love to read more about Tricksy!



You can get your copy here: Clowning Around


*I received a free copy of this short story in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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