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WATER FOR DROWNING by Ray Clueley, narrated by RJ Bayley

Water for Drowning - Ray Cluley, John Bayley

Who doesn't love a good mermaid story?


Josh is the lead singer in a band, so attracting women is usually not a problem for him. One night a beautiful young woman named Genna makes a request of the band, and before you know it, Josh and Genna are a couple. Genna has some strange habits, (namely an obsession with mermaids), but despite that Josh begins to fall for her. What happens next? You'll have to read this to find out!


I won this on audio from This Is Horror by entering a Twitter giveaway. I actually bought this book back on Halloween day in 2014, (*hanging my head in shame*), I just haven't had the time to read it. Now, I'm actually glad though, because I really dug the voicing and the accent of the narrator RJ Bayley.


Not gonna lie, the main character is pretty much a jerk throughout most of this tale, but the fact that he actually fell for Genna turned me around. The denouement was haunting and left the reader to deal with their own feelings about the outcome. I will be wondering about Genna and the mermaids for some time to come, I think. 


A second story was included, SHARK, SHARK which was twisty and funny,  but I think WATER FOR DROWNING stole the show. 


I highly recommend this novella length book, especially the audio version!


Get your copy here: WATER FOR DROWNING


*Thanks to This is Horror for the free audio download with no strings attached! I voluntarily chose to honestly review it. *

#FridayReads 11.15.19

Midnight in the Graveyard - Jeremy Hepler, Chad Lutzke, Kenneth W. Cain, Jonathan Janz, Kealan Patrick Burke, John Everson, Elizabeth Massie, William Meikle, Thomas F. Monteleone, Robert R. McCammon Kill Switch: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry

#FridayReads I'm still making my way through MIDNIGHT IN THE GRAVEYARD, edited by @KennethWCain. I'm listening to KILL SWITCH by @JonathanMaberry & narrated by @Ray__Porter. What are you reading?

— Char's Horror Corner

THE FIFTH SEASON by N.K. Jemisin, narrated by Robin Miles

The Fifth Season - N.K. Jemisin

Since I listened to this author's contribution to Blake Crouch's FORWARD collection, EMERGENCY SKIN, I have been interested in reading more from this author. A friend recommended I try this series, and she was right, I enjoyed this book!


There are over 12,000 ratings on Goodreads and I am pressed for time, so I'm going to leave this review at: I liked it and I will be continuing with this series. 


Thanks go out to Rachel for the recommendation!


*I downloaded this free from my local library because libraries RULE!*

Savages by Greg Gifune

Savages - Greg F. Gifune

Finally, I was able to read this book I bought over two years ago!


I shouldn't have waited for so long. Survivors of a shipwreck wash up on an island that has never before been charted on any map. Then, one by one, horrible things start happening to each of them. What fun!


Time is a precious commodity for me right now, so this review is brief. I'm used to Gifune's work as being more quiet and atmospheric, but no worries, because this was entertaining as hell and just what I needed!


If you're not reading the work of Greg Gifune, you should be!


Highly recommended!


You can get your copy here:


*I purchased this book with my hard earned cash and this review is voluntary and honest.*

#FridayReads 11.8.19

Midnight in the Graveyard - Jeremy Hepler, Chad Lutzke, Kenneth W. Cain, Jonathan Janz, Kealan Patrick Burke, John Everson, Elizabeth Massie, William Meikle, Thomas F. Monteleone, Robert R. McCammon The Fifth Season - N.K. Jemisin

#FridayReads Today, I'm continuing to read MIDNIGHT IN THE GRAVEYARD edited by @KennethWCain and I'm listening to THE FIFTH SEASON by @nkjemisin What are you reading?

— Char's Horror Corner

Predator One by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter

Predator One: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry

This was another action packed thriller from the team of Jonathan Maberry, the author, and Ray Porter, the narrator.



There was a bit of down time in this one, while Joe was out of the picture for a bit, but wow! Towards the end things accelerated so quickly I could barely catch my breath. I'm looking forward  to continuing on to the next volume in the series.


I found the audio at my library and there's only 1 person waiting for it, so I requested a hold and by the time I'm done with the audio I'm currently reading, I'll be back with my beloved Joe again.




Reblogged from Gregor Xane:

Today is the official release day for the sequel to The Hanover Block. You can now order Brides of Hanover Block in Kindle and paperback editions.

Order the Kindle edition of Brides of Hanover Block

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In The Hanover Block, you witnessed men doing nasty things on their lawns, the perverse pleasures they enjoy alone in their backyard sheds, workshops, and garages.

But what of the women, the wives, the church lady down the block, the home care nurses, the widows and daughters and sisters and mothers?

Women are doing strange things behind closed doors.

Why are their curtains drawn? Why are their basements off-limits? What dark secrets are they trading at prayer circles on Sunday nights?

And now shadowy government agents in dark suits are rapidly closing in, asking these same questions.

The brides are coming…


Signed Paperback | Amazon | BAM!

#FridayReads 11.1.19

Cardinal Black - Robert R. McCammon Midnight in the Graveyard - Jeremy Hepler, Chad Lutzke, Kenneth W. Cain, Jonathan Janz, Kealan Patrick Burke, John Everson, Elizabeth Massie, William Meikle, Thomas F. Monteleone, Robert R. McCammon Predator One: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry

#FridayReads Today, I'm still reading CARDINAL BLACK by @RobertMcCammon. I'm still reading MIDNIGHT IN THE GRAVEYARD, edited by @KennethWCain. Lastly, I'm listening to PREDATOR ONE by @JonathanMaberry, narrated by @Ray__Porter. What are you reading?

— Char's Horror Corner

THE CHAIN by Adrian McKinty, narrated by January LaVoy

The Chain - Adrian McKinty


It seems like there are 10,000 reviews for this book already, so I'll be brief. I liked it!


The premise was intriguing and the pace was fast. (It only took a few hours of listening for a few days and it was over!) I was rooting for the heroine and her ex-husband's brother all the way. (I know that sounds weird but if you read it, you'll get it.)


What I didn't like was the narrator's voicing  of Kylie, the little girl. Luckily she didn't have too many lines! I also thought everything wrapped up rather neatly, but as a fan of horror and dark fiction, I like everyone to die, so take from that what you will!




*Thanks to my local library for the free audio download! Libraries RULE!*

Halloween Bingo-Final Bingo!

Terror in A Small Town! 



I doubt I'll finish Cardinal Black before Halloween ends, so this is most likely my final card. I'm sad to see this game end. 



 Pilgrim Owl: Read & Called: 


Black Cat: Called but not Read


Spidey: Read But Not Called


The Calls (on my card)

 9.2 Genre: Horror 

9.3 Creepy Crawlies

9.5 American Horror Story

9.6 Dystopian Hellscape

9.7 Fear Street

9.9 Relics & Curiosities

 9.11 Stranger Things

9.14 Classic Horror

9.16 Psych

 9.19 Southern Gothic

9.26 Slasher Stories

9.28 Paint it Black

9.29 King of Fear

Diverse Voices

10.5 Halloween

10.10 Film at 11

10.12 Stone Cold Horror

10.15 New Releases

10.16 Monsters

10.17-Thirteen-(Transformed to Mystery)

10.18-Modern Masters of Horror

 10.20-Genre: Mystery (Transformed from 13)

10.24 Doomsday

10.26 Terror in a Small Town










The Books


Violet by Scott Thomas for Genre: Horror

Wanderers by Chuck Wending for Dystopian Hellscape

Elevation by Stephen King for King of Fear

A Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill for Monsters

Assassin's Code by Jonathan Maberry for Doomsday

Coraline by Neil Gaiman for Fear Street

 Road Rage: Duel by Richard Matheson, (written before 1980), and

Throttle by Stephen King and Joe Hill for Classic Horror

A Lush and Seething Hell by John Hornor Jacobs for Southern Gothic

 Killer by Nature by Jan Smith for: Psych

TERMINAL by Michaelbrent Collings for American Horror Story

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane by Henry Farrell for Film at 11

The Girl Who Hid in the Woods by Steve Stred for Terror in a Small Town

Grind Your Bones to Dust by Nicholas Day for New Releases

 Extinction Machine by Jonathan Maberry for Modern Masters of Horror

In Darkness, Delight: Creatures of the Night for Creepy Crawlies

Carmilla by Sheridan LeFanu for Gothic

Emergency Skin by N.K. Jemisin for Diverse Voices

Slash by Hunter Shea for Slasher Stories  

The Last Conversation by Paul Tremblay for Genre: Mystery

The Half-Freaks by Nicole Cushing for the Center Square




 Violet - Scott Thomas  Wanderers - Chuck Wendig  Elevation - Stephen King  A Cosmology of Monsters - Shaun Hamill  

Assassin's Code - Jonathan Maberry Coraline - Neil Gaiman,Dave McKean Road Rage - Stephen King,Richard Matheson,Raffa Garres,Nelson Daniel,Joe Hill,Chris Ryall A Lush and Seething Hell: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror - John Hornor Jacobs,Chuck Wendig 

Killer by Nature - Jan Smith,Thomas Turgoose,Will Mellor,Robert James-Collier,Angela Griffin,Katherine Kelly Terminal - Michaelbrent Collings Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? - Henry Farrell The Girl Who Hid in the Trees - Steve Stred,Gavin Kendall 

Grind Your Bones to Dust - Nicholas Sparks Extinction Machine - Jonathan Maberry In Darkness, Delight: Creatures of the Night - Chad Lutzke,Tim Curran,Jeff Strand,Josh Malerman,Andrew Lennon,Glenn Rolfe,Evans Light,Mary SanGiovanni,Richard Chizmar,Ray Garton Carmilla - Hannah Genesius,Audible Studios,Leslie S. Rose,Susan Wooldridge,Phoebe Conn,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu,David Tennant,David Horovitch,James Wilby 

Emergency Skin - N.K. Jemisin The Last Conversation - Paul Tremblay  Slash (Fiction Without Frontiers) - Hunter Shea The Half-Freaks - Nicole Cushing 



Currently Reading:  



Cardinal Black for Paint it Black






CODE ZERO by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter

Code Zero - Jonathan Maberry

The Joe Ledger series is a perfect example of how a great audiobook narrator can add to the magic of good writing. When both are combined together as they were in CODE ZERO? It's close to perfection.


Mother Night was an excellent, well drawn character with all kinds of evil levels. Her plans to lead Joe Ledger and his team on a wild good chase worked so well, I was genuinely afraid that I was going to have to say goodbye to a few beloved characters. Did I have to do that? You'll have to read CODE ZERO to find out!


I will say this: that ending had me driving down the highway legit crying.


Highly recommended, (but you should probably read the preceding books in the series first!)


*I bought this audio book with my hard earned cash because Joe Ledger, Jonathan Maberry and Ray Porter MADE ME! (I could NOT continue waiting for each volume from the library.)*

Friday Reads 10.25.19

Cardinal Black - Robert R. McCammon Full Throttle: Stories - Joe Hill Code Zero - Jonathan Maberry


You know...

If you're my friend, I will defend you against all comers. If you're wrong, I will tell you, but I will still back you up, as best I can.


When all I do is support you and be there for you, and you lash out at me? Time and time again? We're all done. My life needs simplifying so...bye, now.


My second Bingo!



Straight across!


The Bare Naked Squares:




The Books:

Diverse Voices: Emergency Skin by N.K. Jemisin

New Release: Grind Your Bones to Dust by Nicholas Day

Center Square: The Half-Freaks by Nicole Cushing

Slasher Stories: Slash by Hunter Shea

Fear Street: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

THE HALF-FREAKS by Nicole Cushing

The Half-Freaks - Nicole Cushing

Harry keeps coming to visit Nicole so often, she had to write a book about him, and here it is. A twisted tale like NO other!


THE HALF-FREAKS defies neat genre labels; part character study, part weird tale, part awkwardly funny, it's hard to describe. Despite Harry vehemently stating often that he's no psycho like Norman Bates, (Nah! Nah!) he is still living with his mother, but he isn't a murderer. Or is he?


When his mother dies, Harry is forced to take part in the world, dealing with the hospital morgue and a less than savory funeral director. It's all way over his head..but not far enough so that he's going to let himself be ripped off.


Despite many disgusting traits, (this book delves deeply into them), there was something about Harry I found compelling. Even during his most repulsive actions, my eyes were glued to the page to see how it would all end up. I've been a fan of Nicole's work for a while now, and if this was any other author, I might have put this book down during an especially revolting moment Harry was having...with himself. But I trusted the author to bring it all home, which she did, just not in the way I expected.


Overall, THE HALF-FREAKS is guaranteed to be like nothing you've ever read before. Take that as a dare, if you will. I did!


Highly recommended!



Find out more and pre-order a copy here: THE HALF-FREAKS


*Thanks to Grimscribe Press for the paperback ARC of this novella in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

Paint it Black

Cardinal Black - Robert R. McCammon

I’m having a tough time in real life, mostly regarding mom’s health. I want to Paint it Black in reality and in Halloween Bingo. This has been sitting on my reading stack since release day. It’s time. 




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Kill Switch: A Joe Ledger Novel by Jonathan Maberry
Midnight in the Graveyard by Jeremy Hepler, Chad Lutzke, Kenneth W. Cain, Jonathan Janz, Kealan Patrick Burke, John Everson, Elizabeth Massie, William Meikle, Thomas F. Monteleone, Robert R. McCammon
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